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Academic Classes

Reading, Writing, Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Agriculture, Arts & Craft and more!


Fine Motor Development

Fine motor skills activities can help kids get better at grasping and moving objects.


Speech Therapy

This is the assessment and treatment of communication problems and speech disorders. 


OPT Therapy

Oral Placement Therapy is a speech therapy which utilizes a combination of stimulation to the mouth to improve speech clarity. 



Behaviours that individuals use to engage in personal care activities such as eating, dressing, toileting and maintaining good hygiene.


Occupational Therapy

This helps with barriers that affect a person’s emotional, social, and physical needs. Care that helps people who have physical, sensory, or cognitive problems.

Skills for Handwriting

Handwriting is a complex skill of using language by pencil grip, letter formation, and body posture.


Life Skills

These enable individuals and groups to effectively handle issues and problems commonly encountered in daily life.


Behavioral Therapy

Parents and children learn to promote desirable behaviors and reduce unwanted behaviors.

ABA Therapy

The goal of ABA therapy is to increase behaviors that are helpful and decrease behaviors that are harmful or affect learning.

We Get Results!

With caring educators who see potential in bright, yet often misunderstood children,  MET Pride Academy  creates a limitless path forward for our students in academics and in life.