- Success Story -

Chamara’s Success Story

Chamara’s Success Story

As Parents of a differently abled child we sought out institutions that can be able to offer professional care in all aspects of our child’s mental and physical development. During this quest we came across MET Pride Academy. A lot was promised to us by this institution so we were eagerly awaiting the unfolding results. Our child Chamara suffers from a mild form of Cerebral Palsy, even though she hasn’t been fully diagnosed as yet we’ve observed that there is no limit to what she can learn and things that we may have took for granted MET Pride has shown with hard work, patience along their techniques she can reach her true potential. Before Chamara started to attend MET Pride forming and sounding words was very difficult for her which made it hard for her to communicate her feelings and desires verbally. She couldn’t eat by herself which was very frustrating especially when she’s hungry.

Now her words are improving day by day and she is able to communicate and express herself in ways that leaves us amazed. She has tremendously improved with her eating habits and we’re proud to say she’s gradually mastering the skill of eating with a spoon and fork. Words cannot explain the feeling we’re experiencing to see our child’s improvements as she continues to attend MET Pride with the goal of becoming as independent as possible in caring for herself and communicating with others.

We Get Results!

With caring educators who see potential in bright, yet often misunderstood children, MET Pride Academy creates a limitless path forward for our students in academics and in life.